Commit 7e41cdeb authored by Fabian 'xx4h' Melters's avatar Fabian 'xx4h' Melters

Add Installation and Usage instructions to README

parent 62dd02b4
......@@ -7,3 +7,33 @@ Supported methods
* ISPConfig remote API
# Decide where to place your letsencrypt-dns-01
cd /usr/local
git clone
cd letsencrypt-dns-01
# Copy example config (e.g. for ispconfig plugin)
cp plugins/ispconfig/config.ini{.example,}
# Adapt config with your favorite editor (e.g. for ispconfig plugin)
vim plugins/ispconfig/config.ini
# To get an certificate for the first time (e.g. for ispconfig plugin)
# To renew a certificate the corresponding plugin should have matching -renew command (e.g. for ispconfig plugin
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