Commit 08e24982 authored by Fabian 'xx4h' Melters's avatar Fabian 'xx4h' Melters

Extend usage for new deploy hook

parent f2698ea7
......@@ -38,4 +38,12 @@ Usage
# To renew a certificate the corresponding plugin should have matching -renew command (e.g. for ispconfig plugin
# If a plugin has a deploy hook (plugins/PLUGINNAME/deploy), we can reload services if certificates were renewed
/usr/local/letsencrypt-dns-01/ispconfig-renew apache2
# To reload multiple services (as we use the certificates in apache and postfix for example), we use a comma separated list
/usr/local/letsencrypt-dns-01/ispconfig-renew apache2,postfix
Deploy script is only used in PLUGIN-renew, not in the initial getcert.
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