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# docker-compose-laravel
A docker-compose workflow for local Laravel development
A pretty simplified docker-compose workflow that sets up a LEMP network of containers for local Laravel development. You can view the full article that inspired this repo [here](
## Usage
To get started, make sure you have [Docker installed]( on your system, and then clone this repository. Add your entire Laravel project to the `src` folder, then open a terminal and from this cloned respository's root run `docker-compose build && docker-compose up -d`.
Open up your browser of choice to [http://localhost:8080](http://localhost:8080) and you should see your Laravel app running as intended.
Containers created and their ports are as follows:
- **nginx** - `:8080`
- **mysql** - `:3306`
- **php** - `:9000`
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